What the hell is a content strategist and why do I need one?

Good content is concise and serves a purpose for the user. Great content, however, serves a dual purpose of helping the user while accomplishing business goals. Because of the proliferation of media, you need to ensure that your content cuts through the noise, draws attention, and has both impact and purpose. That’s where a content strategist comes into play.

content strategist

So, what is a content strategist?

Content strategy sets the framework for design and written content. It’s common for content strategists to have areas of expertise, but they also need to have a deep understanding of marketing, editorial, and information architecture to understand how these components can optimize content and be used to meet a company’s goals. According to Dana Larson, VP of User Experience at Extractable,  "they all work cross-functionally with UX, creative, marketing, strategy and development teams". Content strategists must be able to develop content that drives user behavior, and is presented within a user-friendly interface.

What can a content strategist do for me?

1. Bridge the gap

A content strategist should ultimately bridge the gap among visuals, copy, UX, and overall marketing strategy in order to ensure that they are cohesive with a brand. They conduct research to evaluate your existing content, then assess competitive analysis, SEO review, and user research to determine a strategy. After this, they can create and leverage content to accomplish your goals.

2. Find your audience

Good content has support, meaning that it exists within a framework that supports and reinforces it. Content strategists develop audience personas for your brand's target in order to decide how to create content that both engage the audience and help you reach your business goals. Engaging content accomplishes nothing if your target doesn't see it, which is exactly why content strategists also find the best channels to reach your target.


Why do I need a content strategist?

A content strategist ensures all channels feature clear and intuitive navigation, content is on brand, and social media is integrated throughout. By pinpointing the customer groups who are most likely to take action, content can be tailored for search optimization, and to target and motivate these customer groups.

Because they understand the interplay among, words, images, and media, content strategists ensure that all components of a brand’s digital presence work together to create continuity and aesthetically pleasing digital experience. A content strategist manages and supervises the development of supporting content then evaluates it for effectiveness.

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