The one best way to win the big deal

The prospect of a big deal can be equally daunting and exciting. While you can’t approach huge deals with the same exact techniques as a smaller one, you can prepare your sales team for that change in scale. Your sales process needs to be compelling to help you win that big deal. The one best way to refine your sales strategy is to ensure that processes and materials are effective and consistent across your team.


Standardize your sales funnel

Standardizing your sales funnel is the first step to optimization. Ensure that lead sources can be compared and evaluated, then prioritized. Standardization of processes, metrics, and benchmarks will free up resources, and make data easier to compile and analyze. Select a standard process for measuring, and prepare to measure larger sales with increments of progress. Then, you can reinforce your sales funnel by having a strong marketing team to guide users along the buying process and ensure that content is optimized for search.


Perfect your selling story

Your company needs to develop sales materials that engage the audience, both rationally and emotionally. Perfecting your sales story allows you to connect with your client and provide valuable insight. Once you craft your sales story, ensure that each member of your team knows it well. Every company has a story, and effective storytelling could be a differentiator between very similar companies.The way you choose to frame your selling story influences how a client views you.


Create a strong pitch deck

When pitching, it’s important to frame yourself as an expert who can offer insight and solutionsto a client’s business problems. A solid sales pitch strategy needs collateral to match.  Make sure your pitch deck is customized, streamlined, engaging, and has a clear call to action. You can also develop a pitch that incorporates video to grab attention and spark curiosity about your company.


Maintain and customize

Use your resources to be efficient, and ensure that your delivery is always relevant to the consumer. That means customizing your pitch as necessary. With larger sales, it’s important to be ready and able to moderately adjust your process when necessary.


When it comes to closing a big deal, the most important thing is to make sure your team has the necessary tools to win at each step of the process.


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Carine A.

Written by Carine A.