The design process: listen, think, create and deliver

The design process listen think create and deliver

Every time I begin a conversation with a client I like to start off by explaining to them what we’d like to do WITH them—not for them. That might sound harsh but it is not meant that way. You see, we are not looking to simply make presentations look better. We can pretty much create anything imaginable, but our service does not end there. It does not even begin there.

Our design process

When I work with you, I want to understand your business, your audience, and what message you are truly trying to convey. There’s no point in just making something look good if the design decisions aren't actively supporting your story. The only way I can achieve this is by engaging in a real dialogue with you and staying true to the process. That is where the WITH comes into play. We work together to create what you envisioned before contacting us at Propoint. The designers here can be the creative hands that help form the pieces you need to make your venture successful. The best way to do that is to build a partnership that extends from concept all the way through to execution.


The most important part of creating something meaningful for another person is to understand that person’s final goal. We listen to understand the overall mission, which helps us get a better grasp of your needs and the goals of your project. Listening also builds a better relationship and mutual respect. Thanks to that respect everyone who is associated with the project gets comfortable with each other and the process we’re about to undertake. I’ll also try to learn more about the subject, which helps foster meaningful discussions about how to properly convey the message through intelligent design. When a client realizes that I understand their business they get excited. They realize that they are working with someone who understands what it is they are trying to accomplish.


To me, these projects are puzzles to be solved, and in any puzzle, you need to understand the overall picture and examine the pieces you have to work with. To even launch a design program before you've spent the appropriate amount of time thinking of how to approach the project is often a recipe for failure. After years of working through these projects with countless clients, I find that they are all different and unique with different needs from client care to deliverable. These things all need to come into play before creating anything. We provide custom solutions. To do this you need to customize your thinking on a client by client basis. With both proper thinking and listening, I find that I can move on to the next phase with more confidence.


Of course this my favorite part! It’s easy, thanks to the fact that we have properly moved through the process together as a team. I've gained useful knowledge of the project and messaging, and hopefully, we've built a great working relationship through the first two steps. When the entire team has confidence in the concept we've developed together, it all becomes a question of execution. In the creation phase, it is important to now use what you've learned to execute the RIGHT design. When designing for someone else it is important to design with the best solution in mind not something that simply looks better.


I like for clients to understand that we’re moving with a sense of urgency, yet we are taking the proper time to guide the project through completion with care. An open dialogue and an iterative process throughout the project provides clients with a peace of mind as we move towards the deliverable date. To be totally honest if you work through the first three phases of this process correctly this stage usually takes care of itself! In the delivery phase, it is important to do just that, DELIVER.

When you build a partnership with your designer, you’ll get a lot more than just a good looking deliverable. You’ll have a more effective and persuasive way of ensuring that your message is heard.

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Rich R.

Written by Rich R.