Supporting your brand with video: promo videos

For the fifth segment of our series, Supporting your brand with video, let’s take a look at promotional videos (promo videos). They are a great way to generate additional interest in your company’s important announcements and promote upcoming events, press releases and product launches.

Still from the Promo Video we created for Google for the National Retail Federation

Promo videos go far beyond simple facts and figures. With insight, pertinent new information and the charm of a story, they are effectively capturing the curiosity of your audience and adding implicit cred to your message. An effective promo video gives a clear introduction to what you want to promote while also kindling your audience’s curiosity.


The above Google promo video for the 2014 National Retail Federation Annual Convention not only tells you about the event but also builds excitement around it with an engaging story and a great design. Our designers used Google branding to develop the look and feel of the video and created a unique and compelling visual language to tell the story. The straightforward approach and simple layout emphasize the key selling points, and they go hand in hand with the design elements to spark excitement about this Google event.

Need an amazing promo video? The award-winning designers at Propoint are experts.

Charlie T.

Written by Charlie T.