Making a connection with millennials through emotional visual content

Making a connection with millennials through emotional visual content

You are what you post

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If you’re around my age, then you’re most likely reading this blog post in-between Facebook browsing and Pinterest window shopping. According to Mashable, Millennials check social media above all other media types. It’s not only important to have your brand present on social media, but to have posts that will leave an impact by using high-resolution imagery. Here’s why:

Emotional visual content

Images and video leave more of a lasting emotional impact than words. The best presentations use limited amounts of stylized text which allow the images to do the talking. Nowadays, Millennials are experimenting with video blogs, GoPro cameras, and Instagram has surpassed Twitter for daily active mobile users. Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post. The better quality the image is, the more real it feels, and the more emotional we become. Humans of New York is one of my favorite Facebook pages to visit (currently has about 8.7 million likes). I appreciate the fact that I can see the dimples in a smile, the sweat on someone’s nervous face, and the joy in an elderly couple’s eyes. When you have high-quality images and HD video, it becomes real. If we can count the pixels, you can count on us losing interest.

Peppering your social media posts with emotional visual content rather than strictly informational content is the key to having us come back for more.

Advertisers are beginning to sell with emotion, turning the word advertising into ‘sadvertising.’ Does it work? Well, I dare you to watch this Procter & Gamble Olympics ad and not cry. For any Millennial, the emotional message of an ad is going to resonate more than the information, and a big part of that is because P&G used a story rather than text with video quality so high you can see the hope in their eyes.

Millennials are also America’s most racially diverse generation and more liberal than our elders. We love seeing different cultures come together, and we’re a generation of movement and change. Make sure your imagery reflects every type of person there is, because we’ll appreciate it. The Lean In Collection, which is “a library of images devoted to the powerful depiction of women, girls and the people who support them,” is a great source of powerful images that can help your message gain more attention and your brand more followers by leaving a lasting emotional impact.

Make us laugh, smile, cry, and fall in love with your brand. After all, you are what you post.

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Written by The Propoint Team