Keeping your presentation consistent with your marketing collateral

Consistency: it’s one of the fundamentals of marketing. Consistency of your message, whether spoken or written, strengthens what you are communicating about you, your company and its products and services. Your messaging should be harmonized across your organization — within all marketing campaigns and channels, as well as amongst your employees and anyone else that represents your company. The consistency of your visual message is equally important. Uniformity across all of your marketing collateral cultivates your brand identity and how your company is perceived by others. It also promotes brand equity, and it differentiates you from your competitors.

Take a look at your company’s marketing collateral. Are you sending the same, reliable verbal and visual message about who you are and what can be expected from your company and its products and services? And, when you examine your collateral, don’t leave out your presentations.

Keeping Your Presentation Consistent with Your Marketing Collateral

Whether it’s a sales presentation, board presentation, motion graphics movie, keynote speech, or an investor presentation, often times this is the first piece of collateral that someone sees. Make sure it gives off the desired first impression and accurately portrays your company and your message. Further, your presentation should be in unison with all other marketing collateral that the audience will come across after the initial meeting. Complementary materials will reinforce everything you told them at the meeting and help increase the memorability of your brand and message long after the first acquaintance.

If you’re a start-up trying to get funding, the presentation may be the only marketing piece that you’re armed with. Incorporate your logo and establish your visual message as part of the design of your presentation. Your presentation then becomes the foundation for future marketing collateral. Plus, a professional deck portrays a positive image of you, which in turn, enhances the perception of your ideas.

If your materials are consistent, except your presentation falls short, this sends a conflicting message. Your cool business card says your cutting edge, but if the design of your PowerPoint presentation contradicts your card or brochure design, this will confuse your audience.

For more established organizations, especially larger ones that tend to have multiple presentations, inconsistencies may not only exist between their decks and the rest of their collateral, but also between each presentation. Numerous people may be creating and editing content, or piecing together slides from multiple sources — recipes for consistency disaster. If your presentations look different from one another and are telling differing messages, the organization appears unreliable or untrustworthy. Your audiences should be getting the same feeling and story from everything and everyone they encounter from your company.

Creating consistency in your marketing and collateral increases the exposure of your message, helping you turn more prospects into clients. This principle also applies to your clients. Consistency in your verbal and visual messaging allows you to remind clients of who you are and why they should continue to buy from you. From your letterhead to your website, and from your brochures to your PowerPoint presentation, consistency contributes to your success.

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The Propoint Team

Written by The Propoint Team