Supporting your brand with video: how-to videos

We're moving right along with our web video series. So far we've covered how video can help drive results, and we discussed the brand documentary video. Today, we move on to a video that may sound a bit more familiar, the how-to video.



How-to videos (sometimes called walk-through or explainer videos) show “how to” use a product or service. Video can be much sexier than a simple set of instructions, but let’s make sure we are using it wisely.

Know your audience

Is your audience already excited about the product? How-to videos work best when an audience is curious and ready to learn. If you’re still trying to convince them why they should care, a how-to video may be getting ahead of yourself. Follow the rest of this series to find a video that would be a better fit.

Simple explanation

A video can show in seconds what takes minutes to explain in words. Focus on what’s essential to actually use your product. How-to videos work best when the product seems intuitive. Don’t get mired in the details and try to explain all the features. Start simple: state the goal, demonstrate how your product achieves that goal, and show the results.

Seamless design

Using screen capture software and a narration recorded with your iPhone can lead to a video that looks and sounds unprofessional. But take a look at the above sample how-to video to see how things can look when all the elements come together seamlessly. A professional voiceover and creative composition go a long way. Even the speed and movement of the mouse looks exactly right. Get a how-to video that stands out from all the screen-casts on YouTube and you will make your company proud.

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Charlie T.

Written by Charlie T.