How to get more sales appointments per week

The collaboration between marketing and sales is more important than ever. Today’s customer is autonomous, tech-savvy, and 81% of them are likely to research online before making a purchase. Consumers have the ability to leave and re-enter the sales funnel as they please, making marketing an integral influence and guide at every point in the decision-making process. Your company can optimize sales by making sure your marketing and sales efforts are aligned.


Automate your content marketing

Automating part of your content marketing efforts will help you convert your leads to prospects. To successfully implement marketing automation, you have to make sure your efforts have the proper support to allow you to create better long-term relationships. According to Hubspot, email marketing lists expire at a rate of 25% per year. You need to ensure that you draw in a steady flow of quality, inbound leads to maintain returns. Content marketing automation also extends well beyond email and will allow you to reach your leads through multiple channels during their decision-making process, and nurture them with responsive content.


Align your messaging

It’s important to make sure that your content actively supports your story, and that your marketing and sales teams are able to use that story to engage prospects both rationally and emotionally. After you’ve perfected a selling story that’s consistent and effective, you can use buyer personas to understand how your company’s messaging can provide value to different groups. Your brand’s story needs to be consistent across all channels, but the way you relate and connect with different personas should be highly-targeted and based upon the prospect’s own needs, challenges, and barriers to purchase. Providing relevant insight will establish and nurture a relationship that will bring in new leads and conversions.


Evaluate your assets

Prioritize assets to address problem spots in your pipeline. Does your site have high traffic volume but a low conversion rate to sales? Do you need more inbound leads, or does your team need to change the way they close sales? Addressing these problem areas will help you optimize your sales funnel. Once you’ve taken care of the problem areas, you can standardize processes and benchmarks to ensure that lead sources can be compared and evaluated, then prioritized. Then, you can reinforce these changes by having a strong marketing team to guide users along the buying process.

Keeping your visitors actively engaged will improve sales and marketing alignment and generate quality leads that can be nurtured until the prospect is ready to convert. By setting the stage for your sales team with marketing insights about the prospect, your sales reps can customize their approach and close the deal.



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Carine A.

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