How a pitch video and PowerPoint helped build a sustainable community

How Pitch Video and PowerPoint Helped Sell the Stapleton Community to Forest City

A city is born.

When Stapleton Airport shut down in 1995 to make way for the new and shiny Denver International, Forest City Enterprises stepped in to undertake one of the largest urban infill project of its kind: Stapleton, a mixed-use, sustainable community that would eventually house 30,000 people and a large array of businesses. Forest City needed a video and a pitch presentation to showcase this not-yet-existent development to investors, businesses, and potential residents.

K.C Yasmer, Forest City Enterprises' Director of Office Acquisitions and Development, said, “I didn’t want a normal PowerPoint presentation. I wanted a work product that pushed the design, graphics, and video to illustrate our project in a non-conventional, yet inspirational way.”

An animated pitch video, 3D glasses not required.


Propoint listened to Forest City’s needs, switched into brainstorming mode, and then proposed a high-level 3D pitch video. Forest City was immediately on board, so our Motion Graphics Team proceeded with mood and storyboards and eventually computer modeled the whole facility from archival drawings, renderings, and photographs. They even modeled a replica of the demolished Stapleton Airport based on historic images found on Google. The most labor intensive aspect of the project (and also the coolest) was the 3D mapping of the photographs, so text and other elements would interact with the video in a dynamic way.



A pitch deck that's not just good, but crazy good.

The video production was well underway when we dove into the complementary PowerPoint pitch deck. This whole part of the project can be summed up by Rich Robinson, the Propoint designer assigned to the task: “Honestly, I was just trying to make the slides cool enough to house the video because I knew the video was going to be crazy!” If it’s not abundantly clear, he means “crazy good.” According to Yasmer, "We went through a lot of iterations of both the presentation and the video, and each time both got better and better. In the end, I had a presentation and a video that completely met my objectives. I’m extremely happy with the final product."



Yasmer added, "Everyone at Propoint was very professional, creative, and accommodating. They were always available. The designers worked to connect the dots between my vision and direction for the presentation."

After the meal comes the dessert.

Telly Award Winning Design Project

The Forest City and Propoint collaboration could not have been sweeter. And the cherry on top? The animated video was a Silver Winner at the 35th Annual Telly Awards. Sweet indeed.

If you need sales materials like these for your next pitch, our designers have got you covered.

Brian R.

Written by Brian R.