Supporting your brand with video: the expert video

Expert videos help our clients engage their customers at the beginning of the buying process. With all the information available online, customers no longer seek out a salesperson until they already know what they want. According to CEB, buyers don’t even engage with vendors until they’re 57% of the way through the buying process. With an expert video, you can reach these customers and address their questions now, all the while differentiating yourself from your competitors.

expert video

When customers are still in the research stage, they have large appetites for information and longer attention spans. In order to determine the positives and negatives of your product or service, they want the full picture. It’s important to get your message just right because if your expert video starts to feel more like a commercial than a reliable source of information, that attention will disappear quickly. An expert video is not promotional but is a way to build customer confidence and show how you stand out from the competition.

In the above sample video, Stelligent uses their expertise to reframe the way their audience thinks about the advantages of a continuous delivery system. This expert video is successful because it explains the concepts visually in a way simple enough for anyone to understand and helps the customer see their advantages without a hard sell.

Charlie T.

Written by Charlie T.