The ultimate corporate presentation checklist: make sure you cover the key topics

Clients working on creating a sales presentation or another type of corporate presentation often ask what topics they should cover. When developing a compelling business presentation, we advise clients it is helpful to work against a checklist to ensure that nothing important is missed. We built the following list as a guide. The list is not exhaustive and not all topics will be appropriate in all cases. The list is generally in a meaningful sequence, but should be customized.

Corporate Presentation Content: Cover the Key Topics

Your corporate presentation checklist

Corporate Presentation Content: Cover the Key Topics

At a glance
Product/service high-level
Customer list
Company strengths
Partners/investors/coverage areas
Key staff bios
Industry value chain
Favorable market trends
Competitive comparison
Value proposition
Product/service details
Specific solution(s)
Customer testimonials
Customer case studies
Open issues
Next steps
Contact info

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