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Pitch videos. They are the initial-attention-grabbers of the video world. A good sales pitch video works in many contexts and can increase conversions for your website, improve your email marketing results, and even generate excitement as a kickoff to your live presentations.

clip from the pitch video we designed for forest city's Stapleton, CO project

Back in the Mad Men days, salespeople used to practice an “elevator pitch.” The idea was if you found yourself on an elevator with the right person, you should be able to spark their curiosity about your company within the length of that elevator ride. You’d start from the assumption that they have no idea who you are, and your only goal was to pique their interest enough to want more information. A pitch video works the same way but without the advantage of a captive audience. Whether in an elevator or on a laptop, most people will stop paying attention within the first minute. For sales pitch videos, we find a length of 30–40 seconds works best. Keep it short, employ high-impact design and a well-written script and get to the point before the figurative elevator door reopens.

Forest City's pitch video for Stapleton, CO.



Our client, Forest City, needed to pitch a new development in Stapleton, Colorado, so we built a pitch video to build excitement. The video contains high-level design and an engaging voiceover track to strengthen the visual story. In addition to meeting Forest City’s goals, this project earned Propoint Graphics a Telly Award—basically the Oscars of local, regional, and cable TV commercials (yeah, who knew?). If hanging out in elevators is not for you, consider a pitch video to attract customers quickly and professionally.

If you need a great pitch video to support your sales presentation, the expert designers at Propoint have got you covered.

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