How designers do holidays: a very Propoint playlist

An animated holiday party experience created by our motion graphics and interactive teams

December is here at Propoint. The simultaneous slowdown of work and ramp up of extra-curricular festivities is in full force. The staff—although not quite a skeleton crew—looks sparse. You’d think now would be the time to sign off, wish you well and say “See you in 2016!” But the holiday spirit here is strong. 

First off, last Thursday’s in-office holiday party hit a good naughty/nice balance, managing to end in after-hours karaoke without any Friday morning shame and regret. Along the way, there was better-than-it-needed-to-be food (we love Korean fried chicken), a strategy-driven raffle (do I go for the Apple TV or BB-8?), 8-bit video game bonding (significant others were taught Mappy) and recurring Nerf gun violence (no harm, no foul).

For a visual outline of the party activities, check out our animated holiday card, designed by our motion and interactive team.

As I write this, our holiday party Christmas lights still illuminate the office. This week, the entire staff is sharing a Google doc to create an office Christmas music playlist to play right through the holidays—it’s actually multi-denominational. Feel free to appropriate it for your own office or home. You’ll see our tastes run from Frank Sinatra and Kenny G to Run DMC and Twisted Sister. We’ve also assembled a steady stream of holiday-themed movies to run on the office projector.

Just turn on our playlist, and you’ll have a good idea of holiday time at Propoint. Hope you’re having a great one too. See you in 2016!

The official Propoint holiday playlist


Bonus tracks:

Peace on earth / The little drummer by Bing Crosby & David Bowie

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time by Paul McCartney

Thanks for Christmas by XTC

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Brian R.

Written by Brian R.