Supporting your brand with video: demo video

Demo videos are a useful tool for your brand because they help your audience imagine what it's like to use your product, and allow an opportunity for you to showcase the features, benefits and problem-solving abilities that your product is uniquely able to provide.

support your brand with demo video

Keep demo videos simple

Because it’s your product, you have an expert understanding of how to best use its features. That can make it hard to relate the product to a varied audience. So part of the designer's job is to first be that novice audience, and then to give feedback from that perspective. The viewer needs to not only understand how to use a product, but also to see it as an uncomplicated, valuable solution. There's a balance to be struck: demonstrate the key functions and at the same time don't lose your audience in the process. Remember, your demo video sells the experience. It's not an instruction manual.

A great example of a demo video is the Silanis sample shown above. A good demo starts with the benefits, shows you how to achieve those benefits by walking through some key features, and then reiterates the underlying value. Relating back to the idea of striking a balance in the presentation, you want the audience to see this as simple as well as useful. That’s why we broke up the functional demo segments with high-impact design to bring the focus back to the underlying value. The video ends with a call to action to download the app. Once the demo video ends, the only question in the viewer's mind should be “How can I try this myself?”



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Charlie T.

Written by Charlie T.