Branding your presentations

You put a lot of hard work into creating building your brand. It's your unique stamp, and it distinguishes your company from everyone else. While most companies ensure they have a brand-consistent website, brochures, and other marketing collateral, many neglect to see the importance of branding presentations. Having a presentation that aligns with your brand can make a difference in how you and your company are perceived, and how your message is received.

Branding Presentations

Surely you've heard the old adage, "A first impression is a lasting impression." Whether you are speaking at a conference or meeting prospects for the first time, you need to make a good impression. It is likely that the audience has not seen any of your collateral before, so your branding presentations should exude professionalism and be a proper representation of you and your company.

It's not just about first impressions. Your company’s brand is built upon the experiences people have with your business as they browse your website and brochures, or when they meet with your representatives. It is important that they have the same experience in everything that they come across, and that you are conveying the same message and brand personality across all experiences. If your presentations don’t align with your brand's intentions, you could be diluting or damaging your brand.

Tips for branding presentations

So, how can you create more brand-aligned presentations? Here are the key points:

1. Consistency. 

To ensure your audience has a consistent experience of your brand, make sure your logo is on your presentations, and utilize the same fonts, color scheme, symbols and imagery that exists in your other materials. All corporate collateral must represent your company in the same way. A cohesive look across all of your materials will show that you've got your act together, and repeated exposure to the same brand identity will build awareness. Consistency also applies to messaging. The language and tone you use on your branding presentations should align with the language and tone on your website, brochures, and other collateral.

2. Quality.

Low-quality logos and images, clip art—it all screams amateur. This is not the best representation of you and your company. Nor does it help you convey your message—it actually distracts from it. Use professional photos and graphics that support what you are saying. Remember to choose similar styles of imagery throughout all of your materials to convey the same emotion and meaning throughout all experiences with your brand.

3. Custom.

How does your presentation stack up against the competition? A custom presentation that is designed specifically for your brand will help you stand out from the crowd. Your well-designed, on-brand presentation portrays professionalism and consistency while theirs may not.

Don't let an inconsistent presentation deter or dilute your branding goals. Ensure your presentation and all other forms of communication are under one unified brand.

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Elizabeth M.

Written by Elizabeth M.