5 new challenges for marketing leaders of the future

Technology is transforming how we communicate, and marketing efforts have to be constantly refreshed to just keep up. New platforms and features are released constantly, and marketers everywhere are rushing to adapt in an attempt to cut through the noise and clutter. These rapid changes are going to present new challenges for marketing leaders of the future. 


Technology has given marketing an integral role in the sales process, and because of this, it’s important to make sure that your marketing and sales efforts are aligned. User experiences are becoming more important, and these experiences are happening across a widening set of touch points. People are experiencing your brand through many different channels, which is why there needs to be a seamless connection between the messaging that your sales and marketing teams use; and that messaging should be consistent across all platforms. Your marketing efforts are essentially maintaining relationships and nurturing leads for your sales team.



Your prospects are accessing your brand in several different ways, and their perception of your brand is influenced by each one of those interactions. It’s not enough to just be present on all of these channels. UX and brand experiences are so closely related that you have to focus on how users are interacting with your company through different channels and on their various devices. Every interaction plays a role in how consumers view your brand, which is why it’s important to develop a brand story and a style guide to ensure that you communicate a consistent message to your audience. How you portray yourself should always be consistent with your brand’s story, and interactions should both be valuable to the user, and reinforce your brand’s voice.



Data science, content marketing, and programmatic buying are all changing the face of the industry, and for each new aspect of marketing, there are countless platforms and services that emerge as potential solutions. As important as it is to be aware of these new technologies,
It’s necessary to keep up with changes in marketing technology, it’s more important to identify the ones that are the best fit for your company’s needs, then either develop expertise in new areas or find programs that can automate some of that work. Growthverse is an interactive site that will help you pair your specific business problems to marketing technology that can help.


Mobile and devices

Recently, the CMO council found that mobile usage is now significantly higher than desktop usage.The increase in mobile use is nothing surprising, but definitely expands beyond the scope of what the majority of marketers are targeting their communications for. Apart from mobile phones, there is an increasing range of products that are complex and connected devices. The “internet of things” will bring about new marketing relationships and insights about consumer behavior, and marketers must be ready to adjust their messages to multiple formats.


Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, marketers report that their biggest challenges are all content related, with a majority of marketers reporting that they have trouble producing content that’s engaging, effective, and published on a consistent schedule. But aside from the day-to-day logistics of content marketing, the CMI also reported that marketers are concerned about being able to measure the ROI of their marketing efforts. When content marketing is concerned, metrics don’t tell the entire story. It’s important to measure the success of your content based upon what goal you want each piece to accomplish, whether that’s establishing backlinks or getting people to subscribe to your newsletter. In general, social sharing, engagement, and conversions can all be tied to your content and tracked through an analytics platform.


Communications are changing at a pace that’s much faster than we can keep up with; but luckily, the most important thing to consider is to ensure your story and messaging stay consistent before you look into which platforms and methods work best for your brand’s needs. Once you have developed a strong and consistent brand voice, the future of marketing and all of its challenges will seem a lot less daunting.

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