Beautiful evolution: tech and graphic design

mobile technology and graphic design

Graphic design is an ever-evolving career. For us designers, the challenge is constantly learning new software to keep up with the trends and newest tech. But exactly what makes it challenging keeps it interesting, and that constant education is a large part of why we do this.

Several years ago before the world was consumed by screens of all shapes and sizes, the main source of communication companies used was printed materials. Sure, computers were in the picture, but their place was mainly at home. Businesses still heavily relied on print to get their brand and message out in the world. As effective as it was at the time (and for centuries and centuries before), print has its downsides. First, there’s the cost, and second, there’s the complexity of labor of distribution. Almost overnight, smartphones and tablets entered the scene and eliminated many of the obstacles of print.

Thanks to mobile devices, businesses can communicate more effectively and reach larger audiences. Since the devices we use for communication have changed, the way we communicate through these devices and the messages we send should change as well. Enter Twitter and the ubiquitous use of the hashtag. Hashtags are a good example of a major tool for communication and advertising that can only exist in our world of digital and mobile media; in the world of print, they don’t make any sense at all.

As tech changes, so does graphic design, and so does the way we communicate. One influences the other, and communication remains a fluid thing, constantly adapting and never fixed. At some point, everything will evolve. The best we can do is look for new and better ways to communicate, stay as close as we can to the edge of the new technology, and create beautiful things in whatever media is available to us at that exact moment.

The Propoint Team

Written by The Propoint Team