Happy Valentine's Day! This is your body in love

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, if you’re Propoint designer Rachel J., you start to wonder what’s creating all those wild feelings in your body—nothing dirty—just literally what’s going on scientifically. Turns out the magic of love and infatuation is based in solid science. Warning: scientific terminology ahead. But fear not, our goal here at Propoint is not to demystify love. We believe that would be impossible. On the contrary, if you’re a romantic like me—romantic in a nerdy-about-science way (weekend getaway at the world’s largest radio telescope, anyone?)—you may just find a solid grasp of the biology and chemistry quite stimulating. And who knows, a wisp of scientific wizardry may be exactly what you need to create the necessary sparks for a hot, hot, hot Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine's Day Infographic

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Brian R.

Written by Brian R.