The 7 best sales enablement apps every rep should download

There are countless sales enablement tools out there, but how many of them actually improve your work life? With notes, impressions, data, and deadlines and details about several accounts, there’s a lot for you to keep track of. You’re busy enough as is, and sometimes, having the right tools can make all the difference. Here are seven sales apps that will help you with everything from learning more about your prospects, to taking care of some of the paperwork that’s eating up your time. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them; and the best part is: they’re all available on mobile.


This e-signature app can help you complete applications while you’re on-the-go. You can request up to 20 different people to sign digitally, and everyone will get an e-copy sent to them after signing. This means fewer delays when it comes to getting approvals and closing deals. HelloSign includes features like templates and audit trails, and even allows you to upload branding. It’s also compatible with Gmail, Google Docs, dropbox, Evernote, and that client can sign on whichever platform they like most.

Full Contact

Have you ever misplaced a business card that you really needed? You are definitely far from alone. With Full Contact, you can stop worrying about keeping track of all of those business cards and take photos to digitize them instead. This cloud-based address book allows you to control your social, email, and mobile contacts from one dashboard. The premium option even lets you sync up to 5 of your email accounts and scan business cards to add to your contacts.


This app lets you make digital to-do lists that you can share with teammates to comment, collaborate, and assign tasks. You can also set due dates and reminders; and can access your lists on a huge range of devices, from iPhone and PC, to Apple Watch and Kindle, so you can always pick up right where you left off.


Who doesn’t want a one-click expense report? It’s as simple as taking a picture of your receipt and choosing which report you want it on. It can even analyze your company’s policy to determine which expenses need to be reviewed or can be automatically approved, then you can generate your expense report by just tapping a button. With automatic reimbursement once your reports are approved and duplicate expense detection, this app would save your precious time, and take most of the annoyance out of doing your expenses.


ClearSlide is a web conferencing app that will help you change the way you pitch. This app provides customized links for your presentations and videos so your viewer will never have to worry about downloading special software or programs. Starting a presentation is as simple as clicking to start a seamless viewing experience. This app even has tracking features that show you when people open your emails and click on attachments to help you track engagement, as well as built-in analytics.

Sales Navigator

Salespeople live by their calendars, and Sales Navigator makes keeping track of your appointments so much easier. This app helps you associate contacts, locations, and appointments by synching with your iOS device. You can even use it to map out your appointments on Google maps. It's a great tool to keep yourself organized and visually identify data.


You're probably already very familiar with either Hubspot or Salesforce as a CRM. You won't get to pick and choose which CRM your company uses, but personal use is another story. Base is a great alternative for personal contact management.This app helps you manage customer relationships by storing automatic call records, notes, and emails on a single card for each prospect, so you can keep a record of what’s been discussed with them. It even has lots of productivity features like email templates, and real-time notifications when your prospect opens your email, which could help you decide when (or if) you should reach out, You can even use base to assign leads to sales reps, sync the app across all of your devices, and access your information while offline.


Runners Up


Infer helps you identify and target prospects using predictive scoring and account-based marketing. All you have to do is import existing information about your leads from Salesforce and Infer does the rest: creating descriptive profiles for each lead. Each new prospect from there on out is given a score that helps you know which ones are more likely to convert or have a big revenue impact.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn app is definitely a popular option for all professionals, but its sales-specific version has features that can help you target buyers and companies, and can even give you real-time updates on your accounts. This app is perfect for discovering new leads while you’re in between meetings.


The app can also automatically save the information directly to your contacts, so you can add notes or set reminders. You can even exchange electronic business cards, which will make your life at that conference so much easier.

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